A tribute to individuality and the freedom of self-expression, the CK ONE collection showcases a range of energetic, enigmatic visuals that explore the many aspects of self, challenging the norms - race and gender identity, sexual orientation, age and body type - and through dialogue, education, and brand action, we unite as one.

The CK ONE collection is shot by a group of talented photographers including: Ryan McGinley, Stevie Dance, Bibi Borthwick. The images capture both Calvin Klein’s latest Underwear and Jeans styles redefined for a new generation. The imagery is a unique, stripped back perspective of Fall 2020 Calvin Klein.

Through #CKONE capsule collection genuine, honest voices and perspectives to promote a sense of togetherness and optimism are highlighted. CALVIN KLEIN believes that through an open and inclusive dialogue it can be inspire understanding and equality as a catalyst for acceptance and change.

one future. #ckone

The CK ONE collection empowers the youth and avant-garde communities through the intersection of relevant cultural moments and topics to reach and inspire a new generation.

Building on the main elements that define Fall 2020 Calvin Klein collection, CK ONE comprises form-fitting, soft and iconic pieces, going back to the basics and encapsulating your everyday practical casualwear.