Calvin Klein is the synonymous of modern minimalism and self-expression without inhibitions. Founded in 1968 to inspire and express progressive ideals, the brand still awakens the public's senses and unleashes their imagination even today. With American DNA evident in the brand's seductive aesthetic, Calvin Klein pioneered bold campaigns, embracing difference. Inclusive and diverse, it was one of the first brands to support the LGBTQI+ community, and still continues to promote standards of natural beauty as they found ultimate glory in the 90s.

The brand's portfolio includes the CK Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans, Calvin Klein Underwear and Calvin Klein Performance collections

Calvin Klein embraces contemporary trends, promoting and supporting the new, bold and progressive ideas that are born out of the constant changes of our times. It envisions and creates a future that defies the status quo, liberated from beliefs and attitudes that put people in boxes, redefining the boundaries that hold us back and limit us. Thus creating a ""living"" organization with zero tolerance for injustice, where fashion and style communicate a positive way of thinking, while contributing to climate change and environmental protection through sustainable production processes for its products.




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