Amsterdam, 2020 - Calvin Klein announced the launch of #CKunfiltered: Bra Talk, a YouTube mini-series that answers the most searched bra questions in Europe.

To create the videos, Calvin Klein partnered with Google’s creative think tank, Google Zoo, to analyze the top searches for bra related queries in Europe. Through this audience insights-driven curation method, Calvin Klein created a series of branded content videos that directly answer consumers’ most pressing bra related questions around sizing and fit. The videos are conducted in an informal setting and feature two people speaking openly about the size and fit of their bras. This conversational format was chosen following in depth research with Google Zoo, which found that consumers resonate and engage with an informative and authentic approach.

The videos which are available on YouTube and the Calvin Klein website span all of the classics from the balconette, the unlined demi, the strapless, the bralette and now, the newly launched nursing bra. The nursing bra is Calvin Klein’s first maternity fit and was created off the back of the research and results that came from the Google partnership. Research showed that unbranded and branded nursing bras had a large volume of searches in Europe and Calvin Klein utilized this data to expand their offerings. The nursing bra has a classic bralette-like silhouette featuring a clip-down cup with extra support for breastfeeding, removable pads, and multiple adjustment hooks to allow for changes in breast and body size.

#CKunfiltered: Bra Talk, is looking to engage with new consumers across the YouTube platform and increase the direct to consumer relationship by offering expert advice, discovering useful tips and measuring methods for your ultimate bra-fit solution. This initiative is built from the consumer up, and powered by data and consumer insights with a purely digital approach. This project has been developed in order to use data-driven decision making to create long lasting connections with new and existing audiences.

#CKunfiltered: Watch the new Bra Talk videos and explore the series at the official CK You Tube channel