Calvin Klein, which is owned by SARKK SA, announces the opening of the new CALVIN KLEIN JEANS store at The Mall Athens, as part of the company's development plan.

In the modern, brand new space the consumer can discover a wide range of minimal and modern designs from the long-awaited Spring-Summer 2021 CALVIN KLEIN JEANS collection. Clothes and accessories carry the signature of the well-known brand and stand out as the absolute must-have pieces for the spring-summer season.

Specifically, the new collection stars timeless black & white staples with modern lines that flatter every body type. Also, unique shades of color give a trendy effect while maintaining the minimal identity of the acclaimed brand.

The renewed CALVIN KLEIN JEANS store is located at the first floor of The Mall Athens and reaches an amazing space of 200 sqm, communicating the brand's modern DNA through the interior design. The elegant architectural aesthetics combined with the unique fashion pieces of the new collection transform the store as the ultimate destination for the new season's shopping days.

In conclusion, all of the brand’s stores strictly follow the hygiene and protection measures against COVID-19, as the safety of both the consumers and the staff is one of our top priorities.